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Expressway Parking FAQs

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General Questions

Where is Expressway Parking located?

Expressway Parking is located at 4405 E. Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, at the intersection of Airport and East Roosevelt Road. There are two entrances off of Roosevelt Road: the first is for uncovered parking and the second is for covered parking.

Does Expressway Parking offer long-term parking?

Yes, we do! We offer parking for 16 days and longer at both of our lots. Please note that reservations for longer than 16 days must be reserved online before you enter the facility.

Does Expressway Parking offer hourly parking?

We offer that too! Our hourly rates start at just $1.00 per hour, and the first 59 minutes are free.

Is Monthly parking available?

We do offer monthly parking, for $100 plus tax. You would create an Expressway Rewards Account, put a credit card file and you would use the gate pass available in the Expressway Mobile app to enter and exit. Your card will be charged once a month.

Can I use my phone to enter the parking lot?

Yes! All you need is our mobile app. Simply download the Expressway Airport Parking mobile app (on the App Store or on Google Play) and reserve your parking, then use it to display your gate pass on your smartphone. Scan your phone at the parking entrance and you’re on your way; no need to pull a ticket!

Can I show up and just park?

Yes, we accept both walk-ins and reservations any day of the week. Standard daily rates are $11.95 / day + tax for covered and $8.95 / day + tax for uncovered.

How long will it take to get to the airport from your parking lots?

We average just 3 minutes from your car to the airport front door! Our on-demand shuttle service means as soon as you enter our lot, a shuttle is dispatched to your spot to take you straight to the airport front door.

How often do your shuttles run?

Our shuttles run 24/7 and are on-demand. As soon as you enter one of our parking lots, a shuttle will immediately be dispatched to your spot to take you directly to the airport.

Do you allow oversized vehicles?

Yes! We allow vehicles longer than 12-30 ft with or without trailers, as well as vehicles with trailers or tractor trailers over 30 ft.

Do you offer a parking app?

Yes we do. Download on the App store or on Google Play.

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How can I leave feedback about Expressway Parking?

Click on the “Contact Us” tab of our website.


Do I need to make a reservation?

A reservation is not required however, you must make a reservation if you want to get the 5th day free rate or the 16 day long term rate.

Do I need to make an Expressway Rewards account?

Only travelers who want to earn Rewards points on their business travel will benefit from the Expressway Rewards program. You cannot get the 5th day free rate if you are logged in as an Expressway Rewards member and conversely, you cannot earn points on a reservation for the 5th day free rate.

What happens after I make a booking?

You will receive a confirmation email if your reservation was completed. You can print the confirmation email and use the barcode to scan at entrance and open the gate, no ticket necessary.

How can I cancel my parking booking?

If you need to cancel your reservation, just open the confirmation email and click the link to edit or cancel your reservation.

What happens if I return later than the pick up date/time of the booking?

Nothing is required to do, all parking charges are based on actual time parked so the charges may be more than the quoted estimate.

Do I prepay for parking?

We do not collect prepayments, all charges are based on actual time parked and paid at exit when you return.

How to extend my parking?

You can go to your confirmation email and click edit or cancel reservation to change your return date.

Do you offer same day parking (ex. I book today and park today)?

Yes, as long as your parking is at least 2 hours in advance of arrival.

Discounts & Offers

How can I get the best parking rate?

Reserve online ahead of time to secure your parking rate, and save as much as $1 per day! Head over to our booking page to start reserving your short-term or long-term airport parking. By booking a reservation online, you can get the 5th day free.

Is it possible to get free days?

Yes! If you reserve your parking space online in advance, the 5th day is FREE for every 5 days until the 16th day. On that day, your rate automatically and retroactively converts to $7.95 covered or $4.95 uncovered – almost a 50% savings! To receive your fifth day free, reserve parking online and complete the reservation process here.

Do you offer a discount for long-term parking?

Yes, when making a reservation for parking for 16 days or more you automatically get the long term rate of $7.95 per day covered or $4.95 per day uncovered. Only available with a reservation.

Specialty Services

Do you offer any other services besides parking?

In addition to our airport parking lots, we offer a bunch of car care services for while you’re away, including: oil changes, car washes, tire rotations, electric car charging (please bring your charger), glass repair, and professional auto detailing.

We also offer emergency car care services, including dead batteries and flat tires.

Can I get auto services even if I’m just parking for one day?

You must park during business days for a minimum of 72 hours for auto details and 48 hours for oil changes to be completed. Car care services are also not available on the weekends.

Do you have assistance for people with disability/accessibility issues?

If you need wheelchair assistance, we have a wheelchair accessible shuttle available, when you make a reservation there is an option on the “Services” page to request the wheelchair bus.

Do you offer valet parking services?

We are a self park facility, you will enter the gate, park in the space of your choice and the bus will be dispatched to wherever you park, please remain by your vehicle.


What if I lose my ticket?

Please do not lose your ticket! To avoid any additional fees, it’s advised that you leave your ticket in your car or wallet.

If you lose your ticket, we can use your travel itinerary to base your parking charges on. There will be a $10 convenience fee. If you cannot provide any itinerary or your ticket, there will be a $500 lost ticket fee.

What to do if I have a problem paying at the pay station?

For assistance at the Express Lane exit, press button on the silver intercom box.

What to do if the gate doesn't open?

Press button on the silver intercom box.


Will my car be safe while I’m traveling?

Absolutely! We have a covered parking area and an uncovered parking area, and both lots are gated, locked, and under 24-hour surveillance.

Simply choose which lot you prefer and find a parking space, and our shuttle bus will pick you up directly from your car from either lot to the airport.

Is Expressway Parking safe and secure?

Expressway Airport Parking is staffed 24 hours a day with controlled access, we are very secure.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

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