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Open 24 hours

From your car to the airport
front door in 3 minutes average!

Save $2 / day compared to the
main airport parking

Reserve parking online &
save on your rate!

Standard Daily Rates

  • Get the 5th Day Free! Learn More
  • Uncovered Parking: $7.95 / day + tax
  • Covered Parking: $10.95 / day + tax

Stay Longer & Save!

5th Day Free Discount

  • If you reserve your parking space online in advance, the 5th day is FREE for every 5 days until the 16th day.

On that day, your rate automatically and retroactively converts to $7.95 covered or $4.95 uncovered – almost a 50% savings!

  • Uncovered Parking: $7.95 / day & 5th day is free!
  • Covered Parking: $10.95 / day & 5th day is free!

To receive your fifth day free, reserve parking online and complete the reservation process. All days are calculated in 24 hour days.

**Cannot be combined with our loyalty program.

Hourly Rates

  • The first 59 minutes are FREE!
  • Uncovered Parking: $1.00 / hour until the daily rate is reached.
  • Covered Parking: $1.50 / hour until the daily rate is reached.

Long-Term Rates

16 days or more with reservations

  • Uncovered Parking: $4.95 / day
  • Covered Parking: $7.95 / day

*Sales Tax is 9% and Local Tax Surcharge & Airport Tax is 6.5%.

We do our part to make sure you’re getting the best deal AND the best service. If you have any questions, please contact us today!

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