Business Rewards Program

If you travel a lot for business, our Rewards Program is for you!

Expressway Business Rewards Program

If you travel a lot for business, Expressway Business Rewards is for you! Here’s how it works:

Earn Free Parking

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend for parking.

55 points earns 1 free day!

Mobile Gate Pass

Download the Expressway Airport Parking mobile app, display your gate pass on your smartphone, and scan your phone at the parking entrance – no need to pull a ticket.

Use Express Lane

Link your credit card to automatically process your parking charges: when you exit, simply scan your card at the Express Exit lane to exit without delay. Your receipt will be emailed to you.

Available Anywhere

Log into your profile on the website and view your point balances or redeem points by making a reservation.

Simple Record Keeping

You can view your history and email past receipts for easy record keeping and expense reports.

Rewards Program Perks

Redeem points for

Free Days

Parking can be redeemed with points by logging into your Expressway Rewards profile on our App or the website.

Book a reservation and apply any number of points for some or all of a parking transaction.

Redeem points for

Auto Services

Redeem your points for various car care and auto services, including car washes, oil changes, interior and exterior detailing, tire rotations, and more!

Check out our Car Care Services for more informations about our offerings.

Is Expressway Business Rewards Right for You?

Frequent Business Traveler

If you travel more than 3 times a year for business or if your company reimburses your parking expenses, our rewards program is right for you!

Infrequent Traveler

Because our 5th Day Free offer can’t be combined with earning points, our rewards program isn’t the best option for infrequent travelers.

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Redeem Points for Services

Trade your earned points for car care services! Remember—promotions like the 5th day free, the long term rate or other promotions can’t be combined with rewards transactions.

Basic Auto Wash

  • Cars: 500 pts.
  • 2row SUV/Trucks: 605 pts.
  • 3row SUV/Minivans: 715 pts

Interior & Exterior Details

  • Cars: 1320 pts.
  • 2row SUV/Trucks: 1485 pts.
  • 3row SUV/Minivans: 1650 pts.

Full Details

  • Cars: 2200 pts.
  • 2row SUV/Trucks: 2470 pts.
  • 3row SUV/Minivans: 2750 pts.

Other Services

  • Tire Rotations: 270 pts.
  • Headlight Restoration: 880 pts.
  • Glass Chip Repair: 600 pts.
  • Additional Chips repaired = 190 pts. each

Oil Changes

  • Regular Oil Change: 475 pts.
  • With Dexos Syn Blend: 590 pts.
  • With Name Brand Oil: 670 pts.
  • With Synthetic: 799 pts.
  • With Name Brand Synthetic: 899 pts.
  • For Diesel with Rotella: 1200 pts.

*All rewards transactions and reservations are calculated at the standard daily rate for covered parking. Points are not accrued on free parked days. Points have no cash redemption value, and cannot be transferred. Rules may change at any time.

How to Use Your Expressway Business Rewards Card

  • At the Entrance
    Don’t take a ticket, simply scan your Rewards card over the card reader mounted on the entrance ticket machine and the gate will open. If your card does not read, pull a paper ticket. Tell the cashier at the exit that you are an Expressway Rewards member and they will apply your credit.
  • Use the Express Exit lane
    Scan your Expressway Rewards card at the Express Exit kiosk reader mounted on the Express Exit lane kiosk. Your parking charges will be displayed, it will automatically be processed to your credit card on file, and a receipt will be emailed to you. If you choose not to link your credit card, credit card payment can be made at the automated Express lane kiosk.
  • If you use the Cashier Window
    Hand your card to the agent and they will close your transaction.
  • Check Your Balance
    When you’re ready to redeem points for parking, log in to your account with your password and email address. When you have accumulated a point balance, you can redeem them yourself by creating a reservation.

Expressway Airport Parking Mobile App

Expressway Airport Parking Mobile App

Our easy-to-use mobile app is available on all smartphones for all customers. The app allows you to easily:

  • Make parking reservations
  • Redeem Rewards Program points
  • Obtain the 5th Day Free Rate
  • Quickly scan your code at our lots for easy entry
  • View Parking History & Receipts

If you’re a frequent business traveler who would benefit from our Rewards Program, sign up today to start saving!

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